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Muhammad Z P W.

Computer Science <student/> • Gadjah Mada University

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# About Me

• Educations

2014 - now
Bachelor Degree of Computer Science
Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

2011 - 2014
SMA Negeri 1 Batu, Batu
2008 - 2011
SMP Negeri 1 Ngantang, Malang
2002 - 2008
SDN Banturejo 1 Ngantang, Malang

• Muhammad ZPW

Muhammad Z P W is a Computer Science student from Department of Computer Science and Electronics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science. Currently pursuing bachelor degree in Computer Science. He is Head of Research and Training Department in OmahTI, an student organization and study club that is concentrated to improve practical IT skills of Computer Science students at Gadjah Mada University.

# Projects

Open Source Project

ESTE - Computer Based Test

An Open Source Computer Based Test. Our goal is to make a green environment by replacing papers which was always used by schools to hold an assessment. Este has been written to meet the standard of highly customizable, scalable, and secure.

RangRang Project

A cross platform social media application that empower society to respect to their environment and social poblems. It engage society to solve the problems through discussion of a problem in the app and make a social action to response and make us influence in a real problem.

Waqtu UX

Sosial Media dengan konsep Time Management. Menggabungkan aplikasi messenger, kalender, dan aspek dasar sosial media dalam satu aplikasi. Sebuah User Experience yang sangat baru dan original.

CRM dengan Sentiment Analysis Twitter

Sebuah sistem Customer Relationship Management yang dapat menganalisis produk-produk sebuah perusahaan dengan metode Sentiment Analysis menggunakan data stream dari tweets yang diposting oleh pengguna Twitter.

Smart Pollution Monitoring System

Sistem monitoring dan pemetaan keadaan polusi udara di kota. Riset ini didanai Kemenristekdikti pada PKM-KC 2015.

# Awwards

2nd Winner User Experience Design Gemastik 8, 2015

A small research on User Experience Design to produce Waqtu, a combination of Social Media app and a Time Management app. This research's goal is to reduce the negative aspect of using social media on young generation and make them more productive using Social Media. Waqtu is an social media app that has a main feature on sharing your agenda or event to the world. Waqtu make it easy to collaborate with your friends and your teams.

1st Winner Hackathon Retas UGM, 2015

A hackathon competition to build an app with theme of humanity. We produce RangRang, an crowdfunding app that help to solve social problems. You can simply make a Social Action or a Discussion to solve a problem. You can also be a volunteer to a social action, contribute a donation to the action, meet the real problems outside and solve it with hundreds of volunteer.

1st Winner Blogging Competition Computing Cup, 2011

IT Telkom, Bandung